Friday, September 2, 2016

Measuring voltage on micro RC batteries

If you fly micro aircraft - or other things with small ~100mAh batteries and miniature connectors, you may have found checking the voltage to be a pain. Your standard battery tools can't deal with them, and the exposed contacts are just to small to get DMM probes into.

I found a solution. I ordered an SMD probe for my DMM for other reasons, but it arrived with a new micro heli. So it and the battery were sitting on my desk, and I had to try. Turns out it works really well for checking voltage on those batteries.

I recommend getting one of these probes just for those batteries. If it saves you one bad battery, it'd be worth the cost.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Reviewing the DSO112A Coral mini oscilloscope

Why an oscilloscope

I hadn't really looked at oscilloscopes for decades, because I really didn't have much use for one. I only recently started doing electronics again, and tend to stick with things centered around microcontrollers and specialized digital modules. A circuit with even as many two analog components is pretty rare for me.
So I was surprised to see a reference to a $20 oscilloscope. Didn't think you could get one for even an order of magnitude more than that. So I investigated them, and found a slew of micro-controller based oscilloscopes ranging in price from that $20 - for a kit - to a little over $100. They typically have one channel, a small display, and a a very low bandwidth limit. But what do you know - I might even have a use for one!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

diversionTx - a fork of deviation


Over the last year, I haven't blogged much because I've been working on deviation - the open source firmware I use on my rc controllers. Over the past few months, I've been thinking about forking it, and finally decided that I really need to do that.
Not that there's anything wrong with deviationTx as it is, it's just that the current project leader and I have radically different goals for what we want from the project. More than once, this has prevented changes I - and others - have wanted from making it into the deviationTx code. So at this time, I'm announcing a plan to create diversionTx as a fork of deviationTx to get feedback from the community.